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With our Life Science translation services, we can help you overcome the challenges related to ever-changing environments. As many research institutions and companies increasingly outsource and partner abroad, linguistic differences can create great barriers. Whether it’s sharing data, standardizing procedures, monitoring clinical trials or overseeing manufacturing facilities internationally, we can help to ensure that language is not an issue. We offer professional translation services with scalable solutions for diverse Life Sciences industries such as BIOTECH/PHARMA, CLINICAL RESEARCH, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, HEALTHCARE and MEDICAL DEVICES.

Healthcare translation services are critically important. Even a small mistranslated context in a medical matter can put a life in danger.

Hospitals across the the world depend on certified healthcare translators who are not just language experts, but also medical language specialists.

Solving Language Barriers

The unprecedented growth in the LEP or Limited English Proficiency population-which refers to people who speak limited to no English.

The Census Bureau notes that 47 million or 18% of individuals aged 5 and over speak a non-English language at home. Insufficient access to healthcare information due to language barriers can adversely affects the quality of care and may even have serious consequences.

This is why hospitals need to provide information health information as well as insurance coverage information in various languages, from Spanish to Chinese to Arabic. As healthcare regulations are updated, patient-facing materials in all languages also need to be updated and distributed.

Professional translation services have longstanding partnerships with hospitals.

These companies provide customized and comprehensive healthcare translation solutions. Some of the best translation companies work in over 10 languages to cover most languages that are encountered in healthcare scenarios in the United States.

A Life Science translation company will always have a team of reliable translators with strong backgrounds in medicine and medical terminology. Many of these translators hold advanced degrees in the healthcare field and are of course fluent in the required language interpretation. Hospitals can rely on translators for matters requiring absolute precision and cultural sensitivity.

Real-time medical interpretation services are also provided by Life Science translation companies. Their interpreters can be scheduled or summoned for emergency-room scenarios. They can likewise provide over-the-phone assistance. The most highly-skilled healthcare interpreters have medical backgrounds.

Translations typically have varying target audiences in a healthcare setting-form LEP patients to employees to medical students or doctors, and in some cases, medical researchers. The best healthcare translators are able to communicate at audience’s level of understanding. They also match the native language and medical expertise of their translators to the requirements of the project. This precise matching makes for highly accurate and highly effective results.

Are you in the market for a healthcare translation service? Choose a provider with more than two decades of experience in the medical industry. Make sure that they have worked for top medical institutions, and public health organizations. The best firms can provide not only medical translation but also interpretation services.

Language Connections Inc. offers good quality language translation services. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, they have satellite offices in various major cities of the world. Their services include translation, interpretation and language training in many different languages. They also have a worldwide network of expert translators, editors and interpreters.

We understand that certain documents regarding Life Science translation need to be kept secure. Our quality assurance process guarantees client and document confidentiality.

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