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We offer one stop ICA Translation Service for anyone who need to translate your identity documents as part of the application for PR. As the stress from getting PR or your visas approved has finally passed, it’s time to start getting technical with your documents. If you plan on moving to other countries, there is a specific protocol you must follow if you want your papers to get approved. The following guide explains the document translation services regimen that you may need to follow as you work through the steps to move to other countries.

ICA Translation Service – Translating for Legal Equivalence

First, you must make sure that you have all the proper documentation before you make your big move. It doesn’t matter whether your going to move for work or family reasons, the list is always the same. Gather your birth, marriage, and any other important certificates you’ve gathered over your lifetime. This also includes any documents that show your education level so far. Papers that prove that you’ve completed high school or university level education must be shown as the original copy so contact administration if you have misplaced them over the years. It’s best to work with an ICA Translation Service professional who can render services in translating for legal equivalence and is fluent in English when you are working on translating all of these papers.

Keep all of the original copies in an organized file folder when meeting with your document translation services professional. The number one reason that most people fail to migrate is because they have lost an item or two in all of the mess of paperwork. The documents that are officially translated must be done entirely and completely. Everything including, dashes, commas, and even signatures must be included.

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