Driver License Translation

Moving is tough.

The process gets even more complicated when your move takes you to a new country, especially when that country operates in a language other than your native tongue. Such as the need to hunt for Driver License Translation service.

Not only is it difficult to move your belongings to a new home in a strange place, but having to re-establish your life (i.e. visas, passports, school registration, utilities, vehicle registration, drivers licenses, etc.) can be a major hassle.

In order to accomplish this government entities in countries like the United States require that essential documentation like driver certificates be translated into English in order to be processed. Furthermore, documents cannot be translated by just any bilingual friend or relative, they must be translated by a certified individual or translation agency.

Only certified translations of driver certificates and any other official documentation will be accepted by agencies and the copies also need to be notarized. Translation companies that are registered as providers for state government agencies will almost always offer a certified and notarized copy as this is how they were put on the list in the first place.

Typically the time frame to complete a professionally certified driver certificate or other similar document takes between 2-3 business days but Translation Services Singapore can get the job done within 24 hours or less.

The best bet is to plan ahead and budget plenty of time when filing for a drivers license or other important documentation. This will make the process of obtaining a translated birth certificate, filing the paperwork with the government agency, and correcting any mistakes that may have occurred, a lot easier.

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