Birth Certificate Translation

Getting your birth certificate translation in Singapore is required for many activities. There are different rules and requirements depending on the reason that you need your document translation. This page focuses on the requirements for a birth certificate translation.

Birth certificates translation in Singapore is frequently required for government related activities. The government only recognizes certified document translations and some require the endorsement of local Notary Public. Therefore when getting a birth certificates translated, you need to understand what it will be used for. Do not waste your money getting a translation that is not certified, when you require a certified translation.


Prices for a certified birth certificate translation will vary based on language and the translation agencies you’re using. If you have multiple certificates to be translated then many translation agencies will offer a discount. We have in house translator for English to Chinese and vise versa who can offer the most competitive pricing for your birth certificate translation.


Our standard turnaround for birth certificates translation is within 24 hours within additional fees for urgent request. However be aware that many other agencies will charge an extra fees for urgent request. This fee can be up to 50% of the price of the translation.


The process for getting your translation is relatively simple. Just send us a request for quotation form with a scan copy or photos of your birth certificate. This can be done here. Payment is required in advance. A certified copy will be sent to you by e-mail and/or Singpost.

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