24 hour Translation Service

Thanks to an exciting new translation services in Singapore being launched by Kinotech Systems, no business need ever be lost for words again – whatever the time of day or night! For Singapore’s leading Internet language services company recently added a new string to its corporate bow, with the launch of a 24-hour translation services in Singapore.

Given the 24/7 culture which prevails in international business circles, this news will undoubtedly be sweet music to the ears of Kinotech Systems’s many clients worldwide. Kinotech Systems is a perfect example of the new breed of “virtual” company, and its pedigree is impeccable. The dynamic language services provider has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, due in no small part to a policy of having every translation independently proof-read.

As language experts who pride themselves on their state-of-the-art translation technology solutions, Kinotech Systems staff are renowned for their ultra-modern approach to business. Indeed, in the words of WY KOO, chief operational officer at Kinotech Systems: “This new service is just the latest in a series of technology-enabled firsts. It offers organisations which operate under time-critical conditions an immense commercial advantage.” She continues: “It also gives our clients complete peace of mind to know that while they’re sleeping, the documents they require for their meeting the next morning are being translated!” Korean-born project manager Austin Kim explains: “The nature of our business lends itself perfectly to a 24-hour production system. Many of our clients are multi-nationals and operate 24 hours a day themselves. Moreover, our translation team already spans all time zones, so providing a round-the-clock service is simply a natural extension of what we already do.” In-house (and at Kinotech Systems, that means her own house!).

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